Rowing piers

Pontile per Canottaggio

Rowing piers are designed to reply to their specific purpose, particularly the low free edge (18/20 cm) combined with the needed load class (100/120 kg/m2 ). Rowing piers have rotational Polyethylene floats, and can be supplied in different configurations, with lengths varying from 6-12m, and width going from 2,40-3m. Furthermore, piers with sliding arm, alignment and timing towers can be made, as well. Sabaudia Lake has recently obtained our Start Rowing piers on their track field. For the European Championship 2012, we have supplied the Varese Lake with Rowing piers completed with Star Tower floats. Platforms for alignment, timing and cable tensioning, were realized as well, for the same project, using the piling (piles and pile guides) system.

Pontile per Canottaggio disegno tecnico