Countinuous floating piers with concrete floats

Pontile Galleggiante Monoblocco in Cemento


The carrier structure is made of stainless steel, 120 μ thick, according to UNI EN ISO 1461.


Concrete floats are made of cement blocks with Polystyrol core, density 15 kg/m3. The cement is for marine use (high dosage of cement), with various size aggregates, reinforced with structural polymeric fibre adequately mixed in various sizes; and a metallic net. Four threaded A2 stainless steel rods establish the connection of each float.


Decking is made of exotic wood, 20mm thick, hard and naturally durable with superficial flutes. It has a central part fixed with stainless steel bolts to the EN-AW-6060 T6 Aluminium alloy longerons, and two removable lateral parts which enable access to the lower part of structure and systems that may be installed. As an alternative to wooden, the WPC slats can be used. This material is 70% made of sawdust and 30% of Polypropylene; it does not release pollutants and is completely recyclable.

Pontile con galleggiante in cemento continuo


Tre connections between dock are made by ShA75 Neoprene blocks, tightened with stainless steel bolts. As an alternative, connection hinges – bolted to the heads, can be made.


For anchoring docks to the mooring posts, two robust lifting eyebolts are positioned on every head. Eyebolts with stainless steel rings, or mooring cleats of various sizes (according to the type of vessel to be moored), are positioned on both sides. The docks are predisposed for a fingers connection on every 0,5 m.