Floating Platforms

Piattaforma Galleggiante

Floating platforms can be produced of any size by assembling multiple standard modules. The buoyancy of the platform is ensured by floats made out of reinforced concrete with added fibers, saturated with Polyethylene density 10 kg/m³, or rotomolded Polyethylene, filled with Polystyrene density 10 kg/m³.

The walking surface can be made with an electro forged grid or with marine wood panels. The platform is equipped with safety railings made out of galvanized steel.

It’s possible to provide also customized accessories and equipment such as access walkways, lifting cranes, pumping systems, light signaling devices, covers, etc.

In case the platform needs to be moved, it’s possible to design it with a propulsion system.

If required by the customer, the floating platforms can be certified by Ri.N.A. (Certifications for marine equipment)